Tugas Mekanika Fluida Latihan Soal 2

Latihan Soal Bab 6 Nomor 31 (6.31)

Buku Mekanika Fluida (Bruce R. Munson)

When water discharges from a tank through an opening in its bottom, a vortex may form with a curved surface profile, as shown in Figure below. Assume that the velocity distributionin the vortex is the same as that for a free vortex. At the same time the water is being discharged from the tank at point A, it is desired to discharge a small quantity of water through the pipe B. As the discharge through A is increased, the strength of the vortex, as indicated by its circulation, is increased. Determine the maximum strength that the vortex can have in order that no air is sucked in at B. Express your answer in terms of the circulation. Assume that the fluid level in the tank at a large distance from the opening at A remains constant and viscous effects are negligible.


From example 6.6,

Air will be sucked into pipe when   for 



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