Tugas Mekanika Fluida Latihan Soal 1

Latihan Soal Bab 6 Nomor 31 (6.31)

Buku Mekanika Fluida (Bruce R. Munson)

It is known that the velocity distribution for two-dimensional flow of a viscous fluid between wide parallel plates 1 Figure below is parabolic; that is,

with v = 0 Determine, if possible, the corresponding stream function and velocity potential.


To determine the stream function let

And integrate with respect to y to obtain


Since , w is not  a function of x so that

Where  is an arbitrary constant.

To determine the velocity potential let

And integrate with respect to  to obtain



And this relationship cannot be satisfied for all values of x and y. Thus, There is not a velocity potential that describes this flow (The flow is not irrational).

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